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Modeling Basics

Prepare model for hardware connection

The guidelines in Overview of Creating a Model and Generating Executable for C2000 Processors describe how to create and build models for Texas Instruments™ C2000™ processors.


Data Type Support

Compares data type support in Simulink® and Embedded Coder® models with that of TI C2000 DSPs

Overview of Creating a Model and Generating Executable for C2000 Processors

Summarizes the steps required to create models and generating executables for your target.

Overview of CLA Configuration for C2000 Processors

Overview of CLA Task and Subsystem, data exchange, interrupt generation and model configuration for CLA.

Scheduling and Timing

Provides information about TI C2000 scheduling

Sharing General Purpose Timers Between C281x Peripherals

Sharing General Purpose Timer between C281x Peripherals

Configuring LIN Communications

The LIN communications architecture supports a single master node and up to 16 slave nodes on a LIN network.

Using the IQmath Library

The C28x IQmath Library blocks perform processor-optimized fixed-point mathematical operations.

Apply the c2000lib Blockset

Provides an example of creating a model and targeting hardware

Creating CCS Project from a Model

You can create a Code Composer Studio project from a model.

Configuring Acquisition Window Width for ADC Blocks

ADC blocks take a signal from an analog source and measure it with a digital device.

Configuring Timing Parameters for CAN Blocks

The bit rate of these four CAN blocks cannot be set directly:

C281x eCAN Receive
C281x eCAN Transmit
C280x/C28x3x eCAN Receive
C280x/C28x3x eCAN Transmit