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Robot Applications

Control robots based on sensor information

Sensor data collected off the TurtleBot® can be used to control the robot. Examples of some common applications using sensor data to determine controls for the TurtleBot are shown here.


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getColorImageGet color image from TurtleBot camera
getLaserScanGet laser scan sensor readings from TurtleBot
getOdometryGet odometry reading from TurtleBot
setVelocitySend linear and angular velocities to TurtleBot


turtlebotConnect to TurtleBot


Get Image Data from TurtleBot at a Fixed Rate

This example shows how to get image data from the TurtleBot and display it at a fixed rate.

Plot TurtleBot Odometry

Get and store odometry data to display in a figure

Create a UI for TurtleBot

Create a UI for controlling and accessing sensor data

Track and Follow an Object Using a TurtleBot

Use images from a TurtleBot robot to generate velocity commands for the robot to follow an object.