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Webcam Image Acquisition

Acquire images from webcams

You create a webcam object and then use the snapshot function to acquire images from the webcam. You can acquire a single image or set up a loop to acquire multiple images. Use the preview function to test the camera stream.

You can set device-specific properties, such as resolution and brightness, if your camera allows programmatic access. These properties vary depending on your device. To see the properties for your camera, look at the output when you create the webcam object. For information about setting properties, see Set Properties for Webcam Acquisition.


webcamlistList of webcams connected to your system
webcamConnection to a webcam
previewPreview live video data from webcam
snapshotAcquire single image frame from a webcam
closePreviewClose webcam preview window

Live Editor Tasks

Acquire Webcam ImageAcquire snapshot from webcam in the Live Editor


Webcam Acquisition Overview

You can use MATLAB® webcam support to bring live images from any USB Video Class (UVC) compliant webcam into MATLAB. Supported platforms are listed here.

Acquire Images from Webcams

To acquire images from a webcam, you first create a webcam object using the webcam function. This example describes the typical workflow for acquiring images from webcams and bringing them into MATLAB.

Acquire Webcam Images in a Loop

The snapshot function acquires a single image from a webcam. If you want to acquire images in a loop, you can do that with some extra programming.

Acquiring a Single Image in a Loop

This example shows how to use the snapshot function to acquire live images from USB webcams.

Logging Video to Disk

This example shows how to use the snapshot function to acquire live images and log the video to disk.

Set Properties for Webcam Acquisition

You can set object-specific properties for the webcam object to use with any webcam. You can also set device-specific properties for a specific webcam, if supported by your device.

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