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Configure Network Interface Using Installer with No USRP N3xx Radio Connected

These instructions describe installer steps to configure the host computer network interface with no USRP™ N3xx radio connected. While making changes to a network interface, if you see a dialog box asking Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?, click Yes to continue.

  1. If you have already set up an SD card with the Linux system file image, select Skip to configuring network interfaces. Click Next.

  2. If you do not have an Ethernet-based USRP N3xx radio connected to the host computer, select I want to configure my computer's network interface manually, before selecting Next. If your computer has only one NIC, see Using One Ethernet Port.

    Selecting I want to configure my computer's network interface manually enables you to configure the host computer without connecting an Ethernet-based USRP N3xx radio.

  3. Select the network interface you want to configure, confirm the Status indicates Available, and then enter the IP address of your radio.

    Click Next to continue.

  4. Proceed to the FPGA image screen in the Configure Host Computer for Ethernet-Based USRP N3xx Radio Connection instructions.

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