Data Frame Lengths

You can set the frame length of the SDRu Receiver block or comm.SDRuReceiver System object™ to be any integer value. This flexibility enables more straightforward multirate operation, and easier modeling of standards-based packet communications. The default value is 362 because that value optimally utilizes the underlying Ethernet payloads for a standard 1500-byte MTU.

Set Frame Length in SDRu Receiver Block

In the block mask of the receiver block, set Samples per frame to the desired frame length.

Set Frame Length in SDRu Receiver System Object

  1. Create a receiver System object. For example:

    radio = sdrrx('N200')

  2. Set the samples per frame in the System object.

    radio = 
      System: comm.SDRuReceiver
                          IPAddress: ''
              CenterFrequencySource: 'Property'    
                    CenterFrequency: 2200000000    
              ActualCenterFrequency: 0             
        LocalOscillatorOffsetSource: 'Property'    
              LocalOscillatorOffset: 0             
        ActualLocalOscillatorOffset: 0             
                         GainSource: 'Property'    
                               Gain: 8             
                         ActualGain: 0             
                          ClockType: 'Internal'    
             DecimationFactorSource: 'Property'    
                   DecimationFactor: 256           
             ActualDecimationFactor: 0             
                  TransportDataType: 'int16'       
                         SampleRate: 2.56e-06      
                     OutputDataType: 'Same as transport data type'
                        FrameLength: 1024          
                    EnableBurstMode: false