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Euler phi function

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numlib::phi(n) calculates the Euler φ function of the argument n, i.e. the number of numbers smaller than |n| which are relatively prime to n. Cf. Example 1.

numlib::phi returns an error if the argument is a number but not an integer unequal to zero.

numlib::phi returns the function call with evaluated arguments if the argument is not a number. Cf. Example 2.


Example 1

numlib::phi works on integers unequal zero:

numlib::phi(-7), numlib::phi(10)

Example 2

numlib::phi is returned as a function call with evaluated argument:

x := a: numlib::phi(x)



Integer not equal to zero

Return Values

numlib::phi returns a positive integer, if the argument evaluates to an integer unequal zero. If the argument cannot be evaluate to a number, the function call with evaluated arguments is returned .

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