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TimeControl App

The TimeControl app works with other ThingSpeak™ apps: MATLAB Analysis, ThingHTTP, ThingTweet, or TalkBack to perform an action at a specific time or on a regular schedule.
You can use TimeControl with:

  • ThingHTTP to communicate with devices, websites, or web services.

  • MATLAB® Analysis to act on your data.

  • ThingTweet to send alerts via Twitter®.

  • TalkBack to queue up commands for a device.

For example, you can make a ThingHTTP request that calls someone via Twilio®, controls a device, or connects to a thermostat that accepts HTTP requests.


The number of TimeControls is limited to 12 per user.

Schedule Actions with TimeControl

  1. Sign into ThingSpeak.

  2. Select Apps > TimeControl.

  3. Click New TimeControl.

  4. Edit TimeControl settings:

    • Name: Enter a unique name for this TimeControl.

    • Time Zone: The time zone is based on your account settings. To change your profile time zone, click edit.

    • Frequency: Choose whether TimeControl runs once or at recurring intervals.


      Users with a free license must log in to ThingSpeak at least once every 60 days to keep recurring time controls active.

    • Recurrence: Choose a recurrence pattern.

      • Week: Every week day specified.

      • Day: At a specified time daily.

      • Hour: At a specified hourly interval. You cannot specify start time for your TimeControl when the recurrence is set to Hour.

      • Minute: At a specified minute interval. You cannot specify start time for your TimeControl when the recurrence is set to Minute.

    • Time: Enter the time at which TimeControl runs. For Hour and Minute recurrence, ThingSpeak schedules your TimeControl automatically. The start time is rescheduled each time you edit your TimeControl. Be sure to check the start time and date after saving your TimeControl.

    • Fuzzy Time: Select the number of minutes around a scheduled time for TimeControl to run. The base interval must be at least 12 minutes for a 5 minute fuzzy time, and at least 30 minutes for a 10 minute fuzzy time.

    • Action: Select the action to trigger when the specified parameters are met.

      • MATLAB Analysis: Run scheduled code.

      • ThingHTTP: Connect to a web server and read or write data.

      • ThingTweet: Tweet to a specified Twitter account.

      • TalkBack: Queue commands to send to your device.

Execute a TimeControl

ThingSpeak servers automatically execute a TimeControl at the specified time, based on your time zone. Make sure that your time zone is correctly specified in your ThingSpeak profile. Keep in mind that multiple TimeControls that trigger writing to the same channel must still adhere to the message update limits.


TimeControl runs in a strict 24–hour cycle. Modify your TimeControl to account for daylight saving time changes.

TimeControl Replacements

TimeControl can use replacement keys when triggering other ThingSpeak apps. Use replacement keys to access time data and channel values to replace values in a ThingHTTP body or a ThingTweet message.

Time Data

  • %%datetime%%: The full date and time, for example: 2014-09-24 5:32 p.m.

  • %%day%%: The name of the weekday, for example: Wednesday

  • %%day_index%%: The zero-based index of the weekday starting on Sunday, for example: 3

  • %%hour%%: The hour of the day, for example: 5 p.m.

  • %%minute%%: The minute of the day, for example: 32

  • %%time%%: The time of the day, for example: 5:32 p.m.

Last Channel Value

To retrieve the last value from a ThingSpeak channel field, include the following in a TimeControl form field:


For example, to retrieve the last value from Channel 1417, field 1, use:


Update Channel Status Using ThingHTTP

This example shows how to update a ThingSpeak channel "field1". A TimeControl triggers a ThingHTTP request to update channel data at a specified time with a status message and timestamp.

Create a ThingHTTP Request

In ThingHTTP, enter the name ThingSpeak Channel Updater with these parameters:

  • URL:

  • Method: POST

  • Body:

    api_key=THINGSPEAK_WRITE_KEY&field1=TimeControl%20test&status=Executed at %%time%%.

Create a TimeControl

Name the TimeControl, and enter these parameters:

  • Check the One Time box.

  • Select the current day.

  • Select an hour and minute in the near future.

  • Select ThingHTTP as your action.

  • In the then perform ThingHTTP field select the ThingHTTP you created to trigger this TimeControl.

  • Save the TimeControl.

At the specified hour and minute, verify that your channel updates automatically.

TimeControl App with MATLAB Analysis Code Errors

TimeControls that trigger MATLAB Analysis code with errors stops running after several consecutive errors are triggered. You can choose to receive an alert via email by checking the box Notify me via email if this MATLAB Analysis fails when triggered by TimeControl or React in the MATLAB Analysis app.