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Scrape numbers from web page



num = urlfilter(URL,target,numNumbers,direction) returns numNumbers of numbers that appear after or before the target string target, depending on the value of direction. Numbers with a decimal point are scanned as a single number. All other non numeric characters are treated as number separators.


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Retrieve the first number after the string 'Latitude / Longitude' on a specified web page.

url = '';
target= 'Latitude / Longitude';
num = urlfilter(url,target)
num =


Retrieve the first three numbers after the string 'Dow' on a specified web page.

url = '';
target = 'Dow';
nums = urlfilter(url,target,3)
nums =

   1.0e+04 *

    2.3568   -0.0535   -0.0002 

These numbers correspond to the present value of the Dow, the point change, and percentage change for the day, respectively.

Input Arguments

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URL to scrape numbers from, specified as a string.

Target in the specified URL to scrape data, specified as a string.

Numbers to read after target on the specified URL. specified as a numeric value. The algorithm continues grabbing numbers until the specified numNumbers are grabbed or the call reaches end of the file.

URL read direction, specified as a string value. Valid values are 'forward' or 'backward'. The read command reads in the specified direction, starting from the target string.

Output Arguments

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Target number or numbers, returned as a numeric value or vector. If no optional arguments are specified, the command returns the first number after the target string.