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Scrape numbers from web page


num = urlfilter(URL,target,numNumbers,direction)


num = urlfilter(URL,target,numNumbers,direction) returns the first number that appears after the target string, where target is the string that appears immediately before the number specified.


Retrieve the Number after a String

Retrieve the first number after the string 'Latitude / Longitude' on a specified web page.

url = '';
num = urlfilter(url,'Latitude / Longitude')
num =


Input Arguments

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URL to scrape numbers from, specified as a string.

Example: thingSpeakRead(12397,'URL','');

Target in the specified URL to scrape data, specified as a string.

Number of targets on the specified URL to read, specified as a numeric value. The argument returns a list of numbers that appear after the target string. The algorithm continues grabbing numbers until the specified numNumbers are grabbed or the call reaches end of the file.

URL read direction, specified as a string value. Valid values are 'forward' or 'backward'. The read command reads in the specified direction, starting from the target string.

Output Arguments

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Number of targets, returned as a numeric value. The command returns the first number if no optional arguments are specified.

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