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User Accounts and Channels

ThingSpeak API Keys

API keys control access to private data. ThingSpeak™ uses individual channel-level API Keys to control information for each channel and user-level API keys for account level control.

User API Key

The User API Key enables channel-level operations using the API. The User API Key is necessary to create and delete channels and to view information for private channels.

To get your User API Key:

  • Click Account > My Profile.

  • If your API Key is compromised, you can generate a new key: Click Generate New API Key.


The MQTT API Key enables a user to make connections to the ThingSpeak MQTT server. MQTT connections allow you to publish and subscribe to channels.

The MQTT API Key is not generated by default. To get an MQTT API Key:

  • Click Channels > My Profile.

  • Click Generate New MQTT API Key.

Use the read and write API keys to control information in your individual channels.

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