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Troubleshooting Dataset Format Usage for MAT-file Logging

If you use Outport blocks for MAT-file logging in the Simulink Model, with the default configuration settings, the below warning may appear:


The above warning appears when Outport blocks are used and the data format is set to Dataset. This setting is available as part of Configuration Parameters for the Simulink model (in the Configuration Parameters dialog box, go to Data Import/Export > Save to workspace or file > Format ).

Use the below methods to get rid of the warning:

  • Use the To Workspace block instead of Outport block for logging signals to SD card.

  • If you still want to use the Outport blocks for logging signals, avoid using the Dataset option for Format (in the Configuration Parameters dialog box). Change the option to one of these: Array, Structure or Structure with Time.

  • If the signals connected to the Outport blocks need not be logged even though the blocks are present, clear the Time and Output check boxes in Configuration Parameters dialog box (Data Import/Export > Save to workspace or file).