Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Communication with 3D Visualization Software

The vehicle dynamics models run programmable maneuvers in a photorealistic 3D visualization environment. Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ integrates the 3D simulation environment with Simulink® so that you can query the world around the vehicle for virtually testing perception, control, and planning algorithms. The Vehicle Dynamics Blockset visualization environment uses the Unreal Engine® by Epic Games®.

When you use Vehicle Dynamics Blockset to run a maneuver, Simulink can co-simulate with the visualization engine.

In the Simulink environment, Vehicle Dynamics Blockset:

  • Determines the next position of objects by using 3D visualization environment feedback and vehicle dynamics models.

  • Configures the 3D visualization environment, specifically:

    • Ray tracing

    • Scene capture cameras

    • Initial object positions

In the visualization engine environment, Vehicle Dynamics Blockset positions the objects and uses ray tracing to query the environment.

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