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CAN message or J1939 parameter group data


Use the Data property to define your message data in a CAN message or parameter group data in a J1939 parameter group.



CAN message, J1939 parameter group

Read only


Data type



The data value is a uint8 array, based on the data length you specify in the message.


Specify CAN Message Data

Create a CAN message and load data into a message.

message = canMessage(2500, true, 4)
message.Data = [23 43 23 43 54 34 123 1]

If you are using a CAN database for your message definitions, change values of the specific signals in the message directly.

You can also use the pack function to load data into your message.

Specify J1939 Parameter Group Data

Create a parameter group and specify data.

pg = j1939ParameterGroup(db, 'PackedData')
pg.Data(1:2) = [50 0]

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