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Store CAN database information


The Database property stores information about an attached CAN database.



CAN channel, CAN message

Read only

For a CAN message property

Data type

Database handle


This property displays the database information that your CAN channel or CAN message is attached to. This property displays an empty structure, [ ], if your channel message is not attached to a database. You can edit the CAN channel property, Database, but cannot edit the CAN message property.


To see information about the database attached to your CAN message, type:


To set the database information on your CAN channel to C:\Database.dbc, type:

channel.Database = canDatabase('C:\Database.dbc')


CAN database file names containing non-alphanumeric characters such as equal signs and ampersands are incompatible with Vehicle Network Toolbox™. You can use a period sign in your database name. Rename any CAN database files with non-alphanumeric characters before you use them.