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filterAllowOnly (J1939)

Allow only specified parameter groups to pass J1939 channel filter





filterAllowOnly(chan,pgname) configures the filter on the channel chan to pass only the parameter groups specified by pgname.


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Configure the channel filter to allow only specified J1939 parameter groups to be received on the channel.

db = canDatabase('MyDatabase.dbc');
chan = j1939Channel(db,'Vector','CANCaseXL 1',1);
filterAllowOnly(chan,{'PG1' 'PG2'})

Input Arguments

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J1939 channel, specified as a channel object. Use thej1939Channel function to create and define the channel.

Allowed J1939 parameter groups, specified as a character vector, string, or array of these.

Example: 'PG1'

Data Types: char | string | cell

Introduced in R2015b