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partition (MDFDatastore)

Partition MDF datastore


subds = partition(mdfds,N,index)
subds = partition(mdfds,'Files',index)
subds = partition(mdfds,'Files',filename)



subds = partition(mdfds,N,index) partitions the MDF datastore mdfds into the number of parts specified by N, and returns the partition corresponding to the index index.


subds = partition(mdfds,'Files',index) partitions the MDF datastore by files and returns the partition corresponding to the file of index index in the Files property.


subds = partition(mdfds,'Files',filename) partitions the datastore by files and returns the partition corresponding to the specified filename.


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Partition an MDF datastore from the sample file CANape.MF4, and return the first part.

mdfds = mdfDatastore(fullfile(matlabroot,'examples','vnt','CANape.MF4'));
N = numpartitions(mdfds);
subds1 = partition(mdfds,N,1); 

Partition an MDF datastore according to its files, and return partitions by index and file name.

cd c:\temp
mdfds = mdfDatastore({'CANape1.MF4','CANape2.MF4','CANape3.MF4'});
ans =
  3×1 cell array
subds2 = partition(mdfds,'files',2);
subds3 = partition(mdfds,'files','c:\temp\CANape3.MF4'); 

Input Arguments

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MDF datastore, specified as an MDF datastore object.

Example: mdfds = mdfDatastore('CANape.MF4')

Number of partitions, specified as a double of positive integer value. Use the numpartitions function for the recommended number or partitions.

Example: numpartitions(mdfds)

Data Types: double

Index, specified as a double of positive integer value. When using the 'files' partition scheme, this value corresponds to the index of the MDF datastore object Files property.

Example: 1

Data Types: double

File name, specified as a character vector. The argument can specify a relative or absolute path.

Example: 'CANape.MF4'

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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MDF datastore partition, returned as an MDF datastore object. This output datastore is of the same type as the input datastore mdfds.

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Introduced in R2017b