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Physical signals defined in CAN message or J1939 parameter group


The Signals property allows you to view and edit signal values defined for a CAN message or a J1939 parameter group. This property displays an empty structure if the message has no defined signals or a database is not attached to the message or parameter group. The input values for this property depends on the signal type.



CAN message, J1939 parameter group

Read only


Data type



Display CAN Message Signals

Create a CAN message.

message = canMessage(canDb,'messageName');

Display message signals.

    VehicleSpeed: 0
       EngineRPM: 250

Change the value of a signal.

message.Signals.EngineRPM = 300

Display J1939 Parameter Group Signals

Create a parameter group.

pg = j1939ParameterGroup(db, 'PackedData')

Display parameter group signals

       ToggleSwitch: -1
       SliderSwitch: -1
       RockerSwitch: -1
    RepeatingStairs: 255
         PushButton: 1

Change the value of the repeating stairs.

pg.Signals.RepeatingStairs = 200
       ToggleSwitch: -1
       SliderSwitch: -1
       RockerSwitch: -1
    RepeatingStairs: 200
         PushButton: 1