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Vehicle Network Toolbox Simulink Blocks

This section describes how to use the Vehicle Network Toolbox™ CAN Communication block library. The library contains these blocks:

  • CAN Configuration — Configure the settings of a CAN device.

  • CAN Log — Logs messages to file.

  • CAN Pack — Pack signals into a CAN message.

  • CAN Receive — Receive CAN messages from a CAN bus.

  • CAN Replay— Replays logged messages to CAN bus or output port.

  • CAN Transmit — Transmit CAN messages to a CAN bus.

  • CAN Unpack — Unpack signals from a CAN message.

The CAN FD Communication block library contains similar blocks for the CAN FD protocol.

The Vehicle Network Toolbox block library is a tool for simulating message traffic on a CAN network, as well for using the CAN bus to send and receive messages. You can use blocks from the block library with blocks from other Simulink® libraries to create sophisticated models.

To use the Vehicle Network Toolbox block library, you require Simulink, a tool for simulating dynamic systems. Simulink is a model definition environment. Use Simulink blocks to create a block diagram that represents the computations of your system or application. Simulink is also a model simulation environment. Run the block diagram to see how your system behaves. If you are new to Simulink, see Get Started with Simulink (Simulink) to understand its functionality better.

For more detailed information about the blocks in the Vehicle Network Toolbox block library see Communication in Simulink.