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Code Generation

Generate C/C++ code and MEX functions for toolbox functions

MATLAB® Coder™ generates standalone C/C++ code from Wavelet Toolbox™ functions that have been enabled to support code generation. Using the toolbox with MATLAB Coder, you can generate ANSI-compliant C/C++ code or MEX functions. Wavelet Toolbox code generation supports these workflows:

  • 1-D and 2-D critically sampled discrete wavelet transforms (DWT)

  • Nondecimated 1-D wavelet transform (MODWT)

  • Nondecimated 1-D wavelet packet transform (MODWPT)

  • 1-D and 2-D wavelet denoising


appcoef1-D approximation coefficients
detcoef1-D detail coefficients
dwtSingle-level discrete 1-D wavelet transform
idwtSingle-level inverse discrete 1-D wavelet transform
dyadupDyadic upsampling
modwtMaximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
imodwtInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwtmraMultiresolution analysis based on MODWT
modwptMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
imodwptInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
modwptdetailsMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform details
wavedecMultilevel 1-D wavelet decomposition
waverecMultilevel 1-D wavelet reconstruction
wextendExtend vector or matrix
appcoef22-D approximation coefficients
detcoef22-D detail coefficients
dwt2Single-level discrete 2-D wavelet transform
idwt2Single-level inverse discrete 2-D wavelet transform
wavedec2Multilevel 2-D wavelet decomposition
waverec2Multilevel 2-D wavelet reconstruction
wextendExtend vector or matrix
ddencmpDefault values for denoising or compression
wdenAutomatic 1-D de-noising
wdencmpDe-noising or compression
wthcoef1-D wavelet coefficient thresholding
wthcoef2Wavelet coefficient thresholding 2-D
thselectThreshold selection for de-noising
wthreshSoft or hard thresholding
qmfScaling and Wavelet Filter


Code Generation Support, Usage Notes, and Limitations

Functions, with associated limitations, that support code generation.

Generate Code to Denoise a Signal

Generate code containing Wavelet Toolbox functions.

C Code Generation at the Command Line (MATLAB Coder)

Generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code by using the codegen command.

MEX Function Generation at the Command Line (MATLAB Coder)

Generate a MEX function from a MATLAB function by using the codegen command.

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