Wavelet Toolbox

Analyze and synthesize signals and images using wavelet techniques

Wavelet Toolbox™ provides functions and an app for developing wavelet-based algorithms for the analysis, synthesis, denoising, and compression of signals and images.

The toolbox lets you explore wavelet properties and applications such as speech and audio processing, image and video processing, biomedical imaging, and 1-D and 2-D applications in communications and geophysics.

Wavelets and Filter Banks

Real and complex-valued wavelets, subband coding, lifting, wavelet design

Continuous Wavelet Analysis

1-D and 2-D CWT, inverse 1-D CWT, multiscale signal analysis, scalogram, wavelet cross-spectrum and coherence

Discrete Wavelet Analysis

Dyadic scale decimated and nondecimated transforms, lifting transforms, multisignal analysis

Wavelet Packet Analysis

1-D and 2-D transforms, wavelet packet spectrum, optimal wavelet packet tree, best level analysis


Wavelet shrinkage, nonparametric regression, block thresholding, multisignal thresholding


Wavelet spatial orientation tree, SPIHT, EZW, WDR, AWDR, matching pursuit