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Limitations and Unsupported Functionality

When packaging a MATLAB® app into a web app consider the following functional limitations. Using certain functions may result in an error or unexpected behavior.

  • Multiwindow apps

    • Multiple calls to figure or uifigure are not supported.

    • Dialog boxes: dialog, msgbox, errordlg, warndlg, helpdlg, listdlg, questdlg, inputdlg, uisetcolor, and uisetfont are not supported. However, uialert (MATLAB), uiconfirm (MATLAB), and uiprogressdlg (MATLAB) are supported.

  • Although you can upload and download files from a local system in a deployed web app using uigetfile and uiputfile, you cannot download files while an external application is writing them. Opening a folder selection dialog box on the client using uigetdir is not supported.

  • Printing: print, printpreview are not supported.

  • Graphics root object properties: MonitorPositions, PointerLocation, ScreenDepth, ScreenPixelsPerInch, ScreenSize are not supported.

  • Figure properties: CloseRequestFcn, Position, InnerPosition, Resize, Visible, WindowState, WindowStyle have no effect on a web app.

  • System Commands: The system commands computer, ispc, isunix, ismac, and listfonts will execute but they will not return client-side state information. Only server-side state information is returned.

  • Axes toolbar interactions: Data brushing is not supported.

  • Plot functions: The wordcloud function is not supported.

These limitations are in addition to App Designer graphics limitations. For more information, see Display Graphics in App Designer (MATLAB).

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