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Signal Reception

Describes WLAN System Toolbox™ functions for 802.11 physical layer reception processing

WLAN System Toolbox provides functions that synchronize, demodulate and decode 802.11 waveforms. Use these functions to detect the waveform characteristics, to estimate and correct for symbol timing offset, to estimate and correct for carrier frequency offset, and to estimate the channel. They also demodulate and recover individual preamble and data fields.


wlanPacketDetectOFDM packet detection using L-STF
wlanFormatDetectPacket format detection
wlanSymbolTimingEstimateFine symbol timing estimate using L-LTF
wlanCoarseCFOEstimateCoarse estimate of carrier frequency offset
wlanFineCFOEstimateFine estimate of carrier frequency offset
wlanSampleRateReturn the nominal sample rate
comm.PhaseFrequencyOffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to input signal
wlanVHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using VHT-LTF
wlanHTLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using HT-LTF
wlanLLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using L-LTF
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanVHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate VHT-LTF waveform
wlanHTLTFDemodulateDemodulate HT-LTF waveform
wlanLLTFDemodulateDemodulate L-LTF waveform
wlanRecoveryConfigCreate data recovery configuration object
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanVHTSIGARecoverRecover VHT-SIG-A information bits
wlanVHTSIGBRecoverRecover VHT-SIG-B information bits
wlanHTSIGRecoverRecover HT-SIG information bits
wlanLSIGRecoverRecover L-SIG information bits
wlanDMGHeaderBitRecoverRecover header bits from DMG header field
wlanRecoveryConfigCreate data recovery configuration object
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanVHTDataRecoverRecover VHT data
wlanHTDataRecoverRecover HT data
wlanNonHTDataRecoverRecover non-HT data
wlanDMGDataBitRecoverRecover data bits from DMG data field
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanBCCDeinterleaveDeinterleave binary convolutionally interleaved input
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse binary input
wlanSegmentDeparseBitsSegment-deparse data bits
wlanSegmentParseSymbolsSegment-parse data subcarriers
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data
wlanGolaySequenceGenerate Golay sequence


Basic VHT Data Recovery Steps

Perform basic VHT data recovery.

Transmit and Recover L-SIG, VHT-SIG-A, VHT-SIG-B in Fading Channel

Transmit a VHT waveform through a noisy MIMO channel.

End-to-End VHT Simulation with Frequency Correction

Generate, transmit, recover and view a VHT MIMO waveform.

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