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Concurrent Execution with Multicore Target Computer

Real-time application and multicore target computer configuration for concurrent execution

Configure a multicore target computer for concurrent task execution by BIOS settings and configuration parameters. You can prepare a model for concurrent task execution by partitioning it into referenced models and then mapping the referenced models to tasks. In this way, you divide subsystems with a single rate among tasks.


SimulinkRealTime.utils.minimumSampleTimeDetermine the minimum sample time at which a model can run
SimulinkRealTime.utils.TETMonitor.openDisplay TET monitor


Multicore Processor Configuration

Configure your real-time application to run on a multicore processor target computer.

Simulink Real-Time Performance Advisor Checks

Checking real-time applications with Performance Advisor.

Improve Performance of Multirate Model

Improve execution performance by using Performance Advisor.

Sample Time and Throughput in Real-Time Applications

To improve real-time performance, apply concurrency

TLC Command-Line Options

Configure the real-time application and the real-time kernel

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