PCI Bus Ethernet Setup

Speedgoat target machines include an onboard (PCI bus) Ethernet controller. The PCI bus and slot information for the Ethernet controllers are available in the Speedgoat documentation. To get a list of these Ethernet cards, after you connect and turn on the target computer, in the MATLAB Command Window, type:

tg = slrt;
getPCIInfo(tg, 'ethernet')

To build and download a real-time application, first specify the environment properties for the development and target computers.

  1. Open a Simulink Real-Time model by creating a model from the instructions on the Simulink start page. In the Command Window, type:


    Select the Simulink Real-Time template from the start page, and then create the exampleSlrtApp model. Or, in the Command Window, use the Simulink.createFromTemplate command.

  2. Ask your system administrator for the following information for your target computer:

    • IP address

    • Subnet mask address

    • Port number (optional)

    • Gateway (optional)

  3. In the Simulink® Editor, open the Target Computer Manager. In the Real-Time tab, from the targets list, click Target Computer Manager.

  4. From the Target Computers list, select the target computer node.

    • To add a node representing another target computer, in the Targets pane, click the Add target button.

    • To remove a node representing a target computer, select the node and click the Remove target button.

  5. From the Advanced settings list, set IP address to the IP address for your target computer (for example, Speedgoat target machines are preconfigured to address

  6. Set Subnet mask to the subnet mask address of your LAN (for example,

  7. Set Port (optional) to a value greater than 20000 and less than 65536. This property is set by default to 22222, a value higher than the reserved area (telnet, ftp, and so on).

  8. If a gateway is required, set Gateway (optional) to the gateway to access the target computer. This property is set by default to, which means that you do not use a gateway to connect to your target computer. If you connect your computers with a crossover cable, leave this property as

    If you communicate with the target computer from within your LAN, do not change the default setting. If you communicate from a development computer within a LAN different from your target computer, define a gateway and enter its IP address here. In particular, create a gateway if you access the target computer via the Internet.

  9. Select Ethernet bus PCI. All Speedgoat target machines use bus type PCI.

  10. Select Ethernet driver Auto (default). This setting depends on type of Speedgoat target machine. The information is provided in the Speedgoat documentation and is available in the label attached to the target machine.

If the target computer has multiple Ethernet cards, see the Speedgoat documentation and Ethernet Card Selection by Index.

The Target Computer Manager window looks like this figure.

Repeat this procedure as required for each target computer.

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