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Profiling and Optimization

Execution profiling, display, analysis, and optimization by using Performance Advisor and MATLAB® functions

Profile the task execution time and function execution time of the real-time application that is running on the target computer. Then, you can tune its performance. See Execution Profiling for Real-Time Applications.

Simulink Configuration Parameters


profile_slrt Collect profiling data
SimulinkRealTime.utils.minimumSampleTime Determine the minimum sample time at which a model can run


TLCOptions Properties Modify real-time application options


Execution Profiling for Real-Time Applications

Profile real-time application execution on target computers.

Execution Modes

Learn about the behavior of the interrupt, polling, and freerun execution modes.

Simulink Real-Time Performance Advisor Checks

Checking real-time applications with Performance Advisor.

Featured Examples

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