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Multicore Processor Configuration

For better performance on your target computer, you can run multirate real-time applications on multiple cores. Use this capability if your target computer has a multicore processor and you want to take advantage of it for multirate models.

The MulticoreSupport target setting is read-only and set to 'on'.

To build and download multirate models on your multicore target computer:

  1. Open your model in Simulink® Editor.

  2. Add a Rate Transition block to transition between rates.


    Multirate models must use Rate Transition blocks. If your model uses other blocks for rate transitions, building the model generates an error.

  3. Select the Ensure data integrity during data transfer check box of the Rate Transition block parameters.

  4. Clear the Ensure deterministic data transfer (maximum delay) check box of the Rate Transition block parameters. This setting forces the Rate Transition block to use the most recent data available.


    Because this box is cleared, the transferred data can differ from run to run.

  5. In Simulink Editor, select View > Model Explorer.

  6. In Simulink Model Explorer, right-click in the Model Hierarchy pane and select Configuration > Add configuration for concurrent execution

  7. In the Model Hierarchy pane, expand the model node and select the Configurations node.

  8. In the Contents pane, right-click the new configuration and select Open to open the Configuration Parameters dialog box.

  9. In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, select Solver.

  10. Check Enable concurrent tasking.

  11. Click Configure Tasks.

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