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Solving Nonlinear Equations with MATLAB

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Familiarize yourself with root-finding concepts and the course.


What Is Root Finding?

Define a root of a function and root-finding problems.

  • The Roots of a Function
  • Visualizing Roots
  • Defining the Root-Finding Problem


Finding a Root: The Bisection Method

Explore the bisection method, a simple and robust root-finding algorithm.

  • Selecting Brackets for a Root
  • The Bisection Method Algorithm


Finding a Root: The fzero Function

Use the MATLAB® function fzero to find roots.

  • MATLAB Root-Finding Functions
  • Anonymous Functions
  • The fzero Function
  • Finding Multiple Roots


Systems of Nonlinear Equations: The fsolve Function

Use the MATLAB function fsolve to solve systems of nonlinear equations.

  • Roots of Systems of Equations
  • Anonymous Functions for Multivariable Systems
  • The fsolve Function

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