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Why do I get an XML error on MATLAB startup after I add HTML help files for a custom toolbox in MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)?

After adding 'info.xml' for the help contents, I receive the following error message on MATLAB startup:
"Content is not allowed in prolog.
Could not parse the file:
/_name of the directory that contains info.xml_/info.xml".


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 5 Aug 2009
 Accepted Answer

The reason for this message could be that the encoding specified on your machine does not match what the 'info.xml' file is actually encoded in. For example, it says UTF-8, but 'info.xml' might be created using UTF-16. Also, there might be an XML issue when the XML file was edited using notepad.
To resolve the issue, make the appropriate changes to the 'info.xml' so that it passes the schema on your computer from your original 'info.xml' rather than using the one supplied to you. For example, rename the original 'info.xml', and create a new 'info.xml' in MATLAB from scratch, i.e., you would need to type them in instead of copy-pasting the contents from the renamed 'info.xml'.
Also, make sure to use lower case letters in the file name.


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