Is it possible to use greater or fewer than 3 servers in a redundant server configuration?

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When I try this, I get the error:
error : license file $LM_FILE has 5 server lines. It must be 1 or 3.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Dec 2009
Acresso Software, the makers of FLEXnet, have designed FLEXnet to support a redundant server configuration containing 3 servers. No larger or smaller number of servers is supported at this time. See the following excerpt from their FLEXnet User's Guide:
"Redundant servers are a set of 3 nodes designated to serve the same license file. The license file has 3 SERVER lines. lmgrd is started on all 3 nodes. One of the servers starts out as the master server and serves licenses. If the master goes down, another server takes over as master. Redundant servers require a quorum of 2 servers to be up, or no licenses are served. "

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