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Is it possible to control the individual products and accumulators of my QFILT object with the DSP Blockset 5.0 (R13)?

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I can set the properties for my QFILT object for FIR and IIR filters. However, I do not have access to each accumulator and multiplier input/ output.
QFILT allows me to assign all the attributes at once. However, for optimal design, I need the internal accumulators and multipliers to be of different sizes or need them to have different rounding schemes.
For example,in my project, I need to assign attributes such as "bit width", "type of rounding" etc., to each internal accumulator and multiplier.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
The ability to control the individual products and accumulators of the QFILT object is available with the DSP Blockset 5.0(R13).
You can start with a QFILT object "Hq" that has a filter structure and coefficients and then execute the following line of code to get a Simulink model in which you can control individual adders and gains.
For a clearer understanding, refer to the example below:
[b,a] = butter(5,.5);
Hq = qfilt('df1',{b,a});
%#1 Default syntax:
%#2 Using parameter/value pairs:
realizemdl(Hq, 'BlockType', 'Fixed-point blocks', 'OptimizeZeros', 'on');

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