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Help starting up Matlab

Asked by Zach
on 3 Nov 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 3 Nov 2013

I just downloaded a student version of Matlab from my university and I am not sure which folder to choose to start up the program. Attached is a screenshot of the folder that I put all of the downloads in that arrived on my desktop. Also, I am using Windows 8, 64-bit. Thanks!


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Are you talking about the installation program or the matlab.exe you have after installation? Anyway, don't you just choose to start the program from the folder in which it resides?

Sorry about that. As you can see, there is not the Matlab logo to double click which will start the program? Thanks again

Look in the bin folder. It will be there.

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 3 Nov 2013

Like the FAQ says, "The Mathworks gives free support for all installation problems, even by telephone and even for the Student Edition. Call them at (508)647-7000. Although the Student Edition normally does not get technical support, it does get support for installation issues."

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Look in the bin folder. It will be there.

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