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How to show Tiff stacks

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Soum on 11 Nov 2013
Answered: Ashish Uthama on 2 Mar 2022
Hi everyone;
I'm trying to show a tiff stack '57 images as one file' but I faced this problem:
Warning: Can only display one frame from this multiframe file:
> In imuitools\private\getImageFromFile at 20
In imuitools\private\imageDisplayParseInputs at 74
In imshow at 198
In Prg at 4
how can I display a tiff stack image? and after I applied some processes how can I collect them again 'refile them'

Accepted Answer

Jeff E
Jeff E on 12 Nov 2013
You can read each tiff image in one at a time using imread (note I'm making some you do indeed have a multipage tiff):
tiff_info = imfinfo('2-A^11815^52071.tif'); % return tiff structure, one element per image
tiff_stack = imread('2-A^11815^52071.tif', 1) ; % read in first image
%concatenate each successive tiff to tiff_stack
for ii = 2 : size(tiff_info, 1)
temp_tiff = imread('2-A^11815^52071.tif', ii);
tiff_stack = cat(3 , tiff_stack, temp_tiff);
And you can then use the 'append' switch to write each tiff as a new image in a multi-page tiff:
%write a Tiff file, appending each image as a new page
for ii = 1 : size(tiff_stack, 3)
imwrite(tiff_stack(:,:,ii) , 'new_stack.tif' , 'WriteMode' , 'append') ;
Jeff E
Jeff E on 12 Nov 2013
If you mean separate tiff files, all in one directory, then change the first bit of code to use the output from DIR (again, assuming you have more than one tiff in a directory):
files = dir('C:\temp\*.tiff');
tiff_stack = imread(files(1).name);
for ii = 2 : size(files, 1)
temp_tiff = imread(files(ii).name);
tiff_stack = cat(3 , tiff_stack, temp_tiff);
If you meant something else, please elaborate.
Soum on 12 Nov 2013
thank you but I mean I've a 57 images .tiff 'separated' and I wanna read
them as one multipage tiff image

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More Answers (2)

Shep Bryan
Shep Bryan on 16 Apr 2020
In my case it ends up being a couple orders of magnitude faster to avoid using imread. Try:
function data = FastTiff(filename)
warning('off','all') % Suppress all the tiff warnings
tstack = Tiff(filename);
[I,J] = size(;
K = length(imfinfo(filename));
data = zeros(I,J,K);
data(:,:,1) =;
for n = 2:K
data(:,:,n) =;
Notice that I suppress the warnings in my code because the format of my data is strange.

Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama on 2 Mar 2022
It would help to clarify the nature of your input files (Folder of tiffs? One tiff file with multiple IFD/s? Or one tiff file with ImageJ style stack?)
You could look at tiffreadvolume to read in the latter two types. And explore volshow and volumeViewer if its 3D data, or just implay if its a time series.
For stream processing, you could also explore blockedImage to read+process+write large 3D data from tiff files.

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