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Nested maps in MATLAB

Asked by Mehdi
on 14 Nov 2013
Latest activity Answered by Roland
on 10 Apr 2017

I know it is possible to create a map within another map. For example, I can have:

   mpMainMap = containers.Map();
   mpMain('Key1') = containers.Map('Key2',2);

Is there any way to access the values of the second map directly (ie. without assigning it to a temporary variable first).

Any information is appreciate. Thanks


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1 Answer

Answer by Roland
on 10 Apr 2017

There is a new MapNested class on Matlabs File-exchange:

or on github: Check it out!

The syntax for setting an value is the following:

NMapobj = MapNested(); %constructor;
NMapobj(key1, key2, key3) = value;
for retrieving:
value = NMapobj(key1, key2, key3);


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