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Interpolation of an array of values having desired no. of points in between

Asked by Pranjal Pathak on 14 Nov 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Pranjal Pathak on 14 Nov 2013

I have an array of values (A here) of different dimension. I would like to interpolate it in Matlab in such a way that the number of interpolated points in between two consecutive points could be varied as required (for now say it is 4) and the original points are retained (remains same). It may be interpolated along horizontal first and then along vertical so that finally it is a square matrix.

A = {[3 5 8 9 1 4]; [1 6 9 2 5]; [6 7 8 9 10 12]; [2 5 1 3 4]; [1 2 4 6 8 9]; [3 1 4 5 8]};

I would like to request help in this regard.

Thanking You!


do you want the interpolated matrix somewhere? Because if you dont want, you could directly use interpolation functions (available in 1, 2, and 3 Dimensions) to directly drop in a key and get the associated value without actually having to save the big interpolated matrix somewhere.

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