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i want to seperate bones from x-ray of hand by removing skin particles in the image .

Asked by nikhil
on 14 Nov 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 15 Nov 2013

i am doing a project to calculate bone age using x-ray image of hand. i almost completed the project, but the 1st step that is the segmentation is not working properly. so i done the segmentation using a third party software Fiji-x . In segmentation i want to Separate the bones from x-ray image by removing the skin particles in the x-ray. can anybody suggest a solution for this problem? my project Success is fully depends on this segmentation step.


I have no idea what was done to that image, do you? It sure doesn't look like simple thresholding.

no i want an image like that.. i just done that by using photoshop for showing you what kind of output was i want..

in an xray image i just want to remove the shadow or skin particles. ie: i just want an output image which contains only bones. bones as same colours and all other pixels in black colour.

i tried thresholding , edge detection and fill holes for doing this task.. but its not perfect.. my aim is to find the 5 bones length. i find the bone end points by using the colour property of the pixel. bones are white colour and all others are black colour. so i can find the end points of bone when the pixel colour is changing from white to black colour. so i want atleast some regions in the xray image as black. how can i do that task in matlab ? here i am attaching my final output image in my program. blue ,green and yellow colour line are my bone lengths . but here i input the image with some manual segmentation not by using matlab..thank you.

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 15 Nov 2013

Try imdistline() or improfile().


i think still you didnt understand what i want... i calculated the bone distances.. i want the code or idea to segment the image.. in an x-ray image i want to know how can i remove that skin pixels and background as black ?

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