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matlab coding for number plate detection using image processing

Asked by shailesh
on 15 Nov 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 4 Aug 2017

i m doing a project on automatic number plate recognisation using image processing in matlab.there is a problem occur that how to do character segmention .i dont knw proper commands for it.can anybody plz tell me the coding for this project.

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i have the same project. did u do the vehicule tracking and licence plate localization?

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3 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 15 Nov 2013

See Section " License Plate Recognition, Extraction, Analysis" and Section "23 OCR, Document Analysis and Character Recognition Systems " at Pick an algorithm, code it up in MATLAB, and let us know if you have any simple errors or questions about program flow after you've read the FAQ of course.

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Answer by zerocool timilsina on 18 Dec 2016

hello there, i need complete source code (matlab) for vehicle number plate detection. I am stuck in my project. the day after tomorrow is my project deadline. I have tried so many but didnt work for me. please help me. :(


Wow, this is bold and inpolite. It is a bad idea to push this thread by the flag "i want immediate help". Flags are thought to tell the admins and editors, that a post is suspicious and should be deleted perhaps. Therefore I've removed the flag.

Your question (which is posted as an answer) is not more important than other questions. It is rather unlikely that someone sends you a usable "complete" code, which exactly satisfies your needs.

If I understand correctly, you are asking that within the next 20 hours (relative to when I write this) that someone should research license plate recognition techniques, and write the code, and test it, and document it, and send it to you so that you can submit it as if it was your own work, for which you will get the academic credit and the person who does the work will get no money and no public acknowledgement?

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Answer by Annu Patil on 4 Aug 2017

Hello, everyone i am in the middle of my project. My project stops working. Please anyone send me the code.

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OK, but only Walter has a version of the unreleased "Crystal Ball Toolbox" so far.

So he might be able to send you your code, if he kept a back up of it. If Walter doesn't answer, then READ THIS LINK and this one and this one.

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