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audio signal sampled data

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How do I get the amplitude from the sampled audio data? How can I make the sampled signal into a continuous one?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Nov 2013
The sampled audio data is the relative amplitude. If you would prefer a different kind of amplitude, you will need to specify. For example are you looking for the voltage on the LINE IN? Are you looking for what the microphone detected as pressure in Pascals?
MATLAB cannot represent continuous signals: continuous signals require infinite bandwidth.
You can, though, use MATLAB to calculate coefficients of a function that fits the known data at each time instant, with the function being continuous; the difficulty with that is that there are an infinite number of such functions (not just a "large number"), and there is no way to select which is the "right" function.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Nov 2013
The unit is "fraction of the maximum voltage for the line". To get voltage you need to find out what voltage the line takes.
Calibrating a microphone to a pressure usually requires additional equipment.

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