How can I solve a speed matlab execution in a multicore PC?

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Juan Carlos Aviles
Juan Carlos Aviles on 29 Nov 2013
Commented: Bashar Issa on 13 Jun 2017
Hi there,
I currently bought a PC with an i7-6cores(windows8) to run matlab (simulations) but I found it runs my application very much slower than my old laptop with Intel Core2. I understand that one way to speed the execution would be using special coding (parfor, ...) but I think there is another problem that I can not identify.
Is there a similar problem as the one I just described? Is there a possible fix for that?
Thank you very for any help you can provide me.
Bashar Issa
Bashar Issa on 13 Jun 2017
Hi. The memory in each computer is obviously important factor. The hard disk access speed if very important, so is MATLAB installed in the same disk where the code is saved or separate hard disk? Finally, there is always an overhead time when using multiple cores which will lengthen time if code is not really a complicated one (e.g. serial tasks rather than parallel). Regards

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Marko Gulin
Marko Gulin on 29 Nov 2013
Edited: Marko Gulin on 29 Nov 2013
In my case, hard disk drive was a bottleneck. After I've installed SSD, MATLAB, as well as all other programs, run much much faster!!! :)
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Juan Carlos Aviles
Juan Carlos Aviles on 29 Nov 2013
Thank you very much for your input, I will check it.
Best regards,

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