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How to make the edge darker (increase contrast?)

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Steven on 16 Dec 2013
Edited: Steven on 26 Apr 2016
I want to somehow increase the contrast if it is the thing to do. What I want is make the edge darker and clearer, so that I can detect it better in binary image. For example this is what I want:
But I made this through picture manager not MATLAB. How can I do this with matlab? If I use imadjust or etc for enhancing contrast, I get this:
which is not what I want. Now these are my questions:
1. How can I use MATLAB to get the second image? I do not know how to use imajust or imcontrast to do so.
2. Is my whole method good or efficient for my final purpose? (clearer edge in binary)?
Thanks so much Steven


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Dec 2013
Increasing contrast with a point process like imadjust is not what you want to do. Just think about it - it won't change the shape of your edge, it will just make the threshold occur at a different value. You would need to do a spatial filter, something like mean shift or something like that. But to tell the truth I'm not sure you need to make the edge darker. What are you trying to measure exactly and then I can recommend an approach?


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Dec 2013
If all you need is the area of the dark region then you don't need to find the edge at all. You just need to threshold and sum
binaryImage = grayImage < 128; % or whatever.
darkArea = sum(binaryImage);
darkArea2 = bwarea(binaryImage); % Another way using different algorithm.
If the binary image has some small clutter in it then you can remove that with bwareaopen().
Steven on 16 Dec 2013
Actually that is exactly what I meant. When I turn it into a binary, some area around the edge (interface) is lost, since it is not dark enough and it becomes white in binary, while in reality it should be dark. right?
That is why I asked for enhancing contrast. for example for the second image above (for which I made the interface a bit darker), the interface is captured in the binary image and apparently it is more accurate.
So my question was what to do in order not to lose interface data?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Dec 2013
But contrast adjustment is not what you want to do. You can use bwareopen() to get rid of small clutter and noise in the binary image before summing. Or you can filter the grayscale image before thresholding with a sigma or knn filter, though that might alter the edge in a few locations.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 16 Dec 2013
Play with the limits of imadjust. Test the following code and see how the image contrast changes with the limit values given to imadjust.
I = imread('pout.tif');
J = imadjust(I);
figure, imshow(J)
K = imadjust(I,[0.4 0.6],[]);
figure, imshow(K)
K2 = imadjust(I,[0.2 0.8],[]);
figure, imshow(K2)


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