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Is retina display still an issue in 2014a?

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 18 Dec 2013
Commented: Sarah on 27 Jan 2015
I stopped updating my version of Matlab at R2013a due to the issue with fonts not rendering clearly on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Anyone know if this is still an issue in the R2014a pre-release?


Wouter on 11 Mar 2014
I also stopped updating, Matlab text is really hard to read on those post-2013a versions. I reported this bug already for 2013b beta and 2014a beta, but still no solution (for >1 year and counting...)
Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 27 Aug 2014
I reported it as a deal-breaking bug for R2014b beta too; very disappointing that this isn't considered a high priority.

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Accepted Answer

Rasmus Ischebeck
Rasmus Ischebeck on 20 Jan 2014
This issue has not been fixed. The editor, command line and figures render in low resolution in the R2014a pre-release.


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Hu Peixian
Hu Peixian on 27 Jun 2014
Edited: Hu Peixian on 27 Jun 2014
Maybe the following codes can solve this problem.
$cd /Applications/
$mv jre/ jre.orig
$ln -s /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/ jre
Good luck!


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Maxim on 12 Jul 2014
i did this and Matlab stopped to work. How do I undo this? thanks
Mary Howard-Strobel
Mary Howard-Strobel on 27 Aug 2014
Go to /Applications/ remove the link and rename back to jre
Sarah on 27 Jan 2015
Thanks for the solution above, but with the latest Java update, my help/documentation for R2014a has stopped working and MATLAB is forced to close. I tried to undo the codes as suggested, but then MATLAB ceased to work. Does anyone know how to set MATLAB to a specific Java version (since it worked fine on earlier Java versions)? Thanks for any comments on this!

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