I want a button to be pressed in MATLAB GUI when Enter key is pressed. How to do it?

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I have a pushbutton added in my MATLAB GUI and I want it to be pressed whenever Enter key is pressed. How can I do that?

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Nathan Greco
Nathan Greco on 7 Jul 2011
I do something similar to this. Use keypress functions, and check to see if the current character being pressed is the enter key (carriage return).
Assuming your main GUI figure is named figure1, write this in each keypress function in your GUI:
currChar = get(handles.figure1,'CurrentCharacter');
if isequal(currChar,char(13)) %char(13) == enter key
%call the pushbutton callback
Note that doing this will not let you type the enter key within your edit text, since any instance of the enter key will call the push button.
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Arno Patrice
Arno Patrice on 14 Jan 2013
you have to add it to keypress of every active uicontrol (edit box for example) where you want it to act.

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 7 Jul 2011
I doubt you can in any reasonable way.
You need to be more specific about "whenever the enter key is pressed", but I don't think you can do this.
A better question is "Why do you want to?" Please modify your question to answer this, DO NOT ADD IT as an answer to this question.
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Matlab Help Seeker
Matlab Help Seeker on 7 Jul 2011
I have a two controls in a GUI.
1. An edit text control, where someone can enter a message.
2. A pushbutton, when pressed message is sent.
So, I want when someone writes a message, he presses a tab to move to pushbutton. This works fine.
Now, when he presses Enter key, the pushbutton is pressed and the message is sent.

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