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title string on vertical colorbar

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Leslie on 8 Jul 2011
Edited: Rik on 18 Feb 2020
I want to put a colorbar to the right of a plot; fortunately, MATLAB wants to do that too, so a plain call to colorbar works. However, I'd also like to put a readable title on the colorbar to identify the plotted variable & its units. I tried this
h = colorbar;
set(get(h,'title'),'string','ISCCP Daytime Sc Amount (%)');
MATLAB wants to put this above the colorbar (!) where it runs into the plot title. I can rotate the text
h = colorbar;
set(get(h,'title'),'string','ISCCP Daytime Sc Amount (%)','Rotation',90.0);
but it's still centered up above the vertical colorbar. Trying to calculate a position for it in colorbar-relative coordinates is a real pain. Is there another way to correctly position this metadata alongside the colorbar?

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Simple Solution for this.
h = colorbar;
set(get(h,'label'),'string','ISCCP Daytime Sc Amount (%)');
That way, it will no longer be on top of the colorbar but beside it. :)

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Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 8 Jul 2011
This is kind of hack, but how about this:
h = colorbar;
ylabel(h, 'foo')


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noone on 4 Apr 2018
This is genius!!!
Roy on 20 May 2019
This answer is great, but I have one issue.
I have set all labeling of figures to default to using latex as the intepreter. When I follow this example the ylabel does not show up in latex unlesss I do
ylabel(h, 'foo', 'intepreter', 'latex');
I don't want to have to do this manually, so I added
to my startup.m file. This returns an error
Error using matlab.ui.Root/set
There is no YLabelInterpreter property on the ColorBar class.
How do I set the default then, I know that there is a ColorbarTickLabelInterpreter class.

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