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How to run a deployed program on BeagleBoard Hardware (Ubuntu)

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Pierre Madziakapita
Pierre Madziakapita on 17 Jan 2014
Answered: Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
So I have successfully deployed a Simulink model to my BeageBoardxm that incorporates Computer vision aspects including the use of a camera. I just wanted to find out how to call the program on the Ubuntu operating system provided by the BeagleBoard. I don't know where Simulink 'saves' the model and its format/reference.
The purpose of my project is to run a stand alone program on the BeagleBoard therefore being able to call the program once deployed is essential.

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Manish M
Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
Hi Pierre
Simulink generates a .elf file and stores it in the target's ~/ directory. So you can just create an SSH Connection to the target and then 'cd ~' and run your file using './<models_name>'

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