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I am using chi-square distance to compare the histograms of two images and I am getting zero as minimum distance for both the cases: i) Match found ii) No match found. So how should I choose the threshold to differentiate between these two cases?

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radha on 22 Jan 2014
Commented: radha on 28 Jan 2014
Code is here:
load('HD.mat'); for i=1:11 distance = pdist2( H(i),HiS,'chisq'); md=min(min(distance(i))); if md==0 val=1; else val=0; end
if val==1
msgbox('Person present in database');
msgbox('Person not present in database');
Please also tell me if match is found then how to retrieve the image from database?? Thanks in Advance.
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radha on 28 Jan 2014
I am doing project on this and I am stuck up at this point of comparing the histograms using chi-square distance. Please give answer to my question so that I can proceed ahead. thanks a lotttt!!!

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