code for optimal allocation of power in fading channel

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we are doing our final year project on outage minimization in fading channel. we were given with a theorem to optimally allocate power in fading channel.. The theorem goes as follows:
If P0<Pa we have
Pi* = 0 , 1 i N-k0-1
= P0', i=N-k0
=(NP0 - P0')/k0 , N-k0+1 i N
Where P0 and k0 are given as follows
k0 =(P0 N)/Pa
P0'= arg min(P belongs to p) F(P) + k0*F[(NP0-P)/k0],
with p= [0,Pb] union (NP0/(k0+1))
where N= total no.of blocks
i= no.of.blocks within total block
P0=average transmit power which varies from 1 to 10
F(P)= 1-(exp(-((2^(R))-1)/P)^(beta/2))
our problem is to write a matlab code for Pi*
Can someone plz suggest a code for this problem

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Nagarjuna on 12 Apr 2014
provide the name of this theorm?


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