Parsing ⅛ and ⅓ Characters from actxserver Outlook Mail object Body and Converting to Floats

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Hi all
I am parsing Outlook mails in Matlab by actxserver and regexp.
Some mails contain fraction characters as below
The ½,¼,¾ characters are read ok, but the eighths (⅛,⅜,⅝,⅞) and thirds (⅓,⅔) are present in the body property of the mail object as "?" [char(63)] as per below screenshot from the command-line print of the mail body.
Matlab recognises only ¼ ½ ¾ [char(188:190)] so I guess I need to access non ASCII chars. Its not clear whether the issue is Matlab's 16bit unicode or the actxserver object. The characters are available on Windows Vista Arial font as U+215C,E etc
You can verify this for yourself by emailing yourself a mail with the subjectline
and then running the code below in matlab to regexp this subjectline of the mail in your inbox. Put a breakpoint at the regexp line to inspect what the subject variable looks like, should see "?" in there.
Two questions here:
1. How could I extend Matlab's ASCII set to read these characters
2. Is there a neat way to convert them into equivalent floats (3¼ -- > 3.25) within regexp ?
Grateful for any suggestions here
% Below function will need to be adapted depending on how your outlook folders are set up:
function myfrac = TestReadFractions
outlook = actxserver('Outlook.Application');
mapi = outlook.GetNamespace('mapi');
folder1 = mapi.Folders(1);
myaccount = folder1.Item(2);
inboxmails = myaccount.Folders.Item(2).Folders.Item(9).Items;
count = inboxmails.Count;
myfrac = {};
for i = count:-1:count-10
if strcmp(inboxmails.Item(i).SenderEmailAddress,'')
subject = inboxmails.Item(i).Subject; % Mail Subject-Line
myfrac = regexp(subject,'\x215c','match');

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Feb 2014

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