Error variable(file name) too large while downloading a simulink model on to arduino mega 2560

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i am trying to download a simulink model on to arduino mega 2560. I was able to download other models but for this particular model which is quite compliacted(size too)... i find the following error please help me..
The call to realtime_make_rtw_hook, during the after_make hook generated the following error: cc1plus.exe: warning: command line option "-Wstrict-prototypes" is valid for Ada/C/ObjC but not for C++(few of these warnings..) &
./omsnac2_data.c:21: error: size of variable 'omsnac2_P' is too large make: * [HardwareSerial.o] Error 1
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tang on 27 Jan 2018
Hello,have you solve this problem?I have the same problem when I test fuzzy control with arduino. Can you tell me how to do.Thank you.

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Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 7 Feb 2014
One possible cause : Having Arduino and MATLAB/Simulink software installed on different drive letters. Try installing both on your main drive (e.g., C:\).


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