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Excel custom properties Add function - Invoke Error: Incorrect number of arguments

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Grant on 10 Feb 2014
Answered: Chris Hooper on 3 Jul 2019
Excel workbooks have a CustomDocumentProperties collection. This collection is of type DocumentProperties and these collection have an Add method.
If I call the invoke method on the collection I see :
Item = handle Item(handle, Variant, int32)
Add = handle Add(handle, string, bool, int32, Variant(Optional))
I assume this means the Add method requires a string, bool, int32 and an optional variant and this matches with the Microsoft documentation for the Add method (<>.
However, all combination of inputs I've tried to this function result in the error:
Invoke Error: Incorrect number of arguments
except if I supply 7 or more arguments when I get the error:
Error: Invalid number is arguments. This method can take maximum 6 arguments
or if I supply anything other than a string as the first argument which results in the error:
No method 'Add' with matching signature found for class 'Interface.2DF8D04D_5BFA_101B_BDE5_00AA0044DE52'.
Has anyone successfully used this function to add a custom property to an Excel workbook from Matlab?
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Joel on 25 Sep 2014
Did you ever find a solution to this issue? I've run into the same problem.
In addition, if I open an existing document that already has custom properties, I have an identical issue with the Item method. its also odd that it wants 2 parameters in addition to the handle since the documentation says it should be called with one parameter; either a string or a numerical index.

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Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper on 3 Jul 2019
I am very interested in this as well. I am trying to use optional arguments for the Range.Find() method in order to specify that I want an exact match (not a partial match). I cannot get any optional arguments to work, such as this:
I get the error:
Error using Interface.00020846_0000_0000_C000_000000000046/Find
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: Type mismatch.

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