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GETSNAPSHOT timeout error after adjusting camera settings

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Sam on 13 Jul 2011
I am using a Webcam (Logitech C160) to capture Images using the Image acquisition toolbox (V 3.5) in Matlab When ever I adjust the camera settings (brightness, exposure etc.) and try to capture an image afterwards I get a timeout error.
??? Error using ==> imaqdevice.getsnapshot at 65 A timeout occurred during GETSNAPSHOT.
Interestingly, when I run the preview window during the setting change I can see the camera changing brightness, exposure etc... and it works fine, however if I stop the preview, then start it after changing the settings the preview window stays black.
If I leave the preview window running during the change, the GETSNAPSHOT function seems to work fine. As soon as I stop the preview I get the error message again.
Running the snapshot function before the change without the preview works fine.
Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 13 Jul 2011
Can you try and set the trigger to Manual and then try and acquire the snapshot.
triggerconfig(vidobj, 'manual');
% change properties
snapshot = getsnapshot(vidobj);
% Call the STOP function to stop the device.
You could also change the Timeout property of the videoinput object.


Sam on 13 Jul 2011
Thank you for your reply!
Changing the trigger does not make a difference. It still will not work.
How do you change the timeout property of the videoinput object?
Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 14 Jul 2011
I belive TimeOut is a property in the videoinput object.
vidObj.Timeout = 15;

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