how to read a column named by some header in excel by using matlab?

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I am having 18 to 20 columns named with different headers in n number of excel files like AOA CAS IAS ALT etc. sometimes the order of the column is changed and makes my work difficult so i want a program which will look for the column by its name like AOA and saves the data in a variable and if column is not there in the file then it will tell the user that its not available.

Accepted Answer

Chandrasekhar on 5 Mar 2014
strings = {'AOA','CAS','IAS','ALT'};
[header,data] = xlsread('myxls.xls','Sheet','Range');
idx = find(strcmp(header,'AOA'));
AOA = data(:,idx);
eval(['save ' char(strings(1)) '.mat ' 'AOA'])

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Ravikant Singh
Ravikant Singh on 7 Mar 2014


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